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Yoshiyuki Konishi Zip Up Long Sleeve

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Konishi is a black sheep in the fashion industry, albeit a cheerful and genial one. He does not mind being labeled a renegade or a rebel. "Actually," he confesses, "I feel embarrassed every time people call me a fashion designer. I am not sure if what I am making is fashion." But he was peeved when a French journalist called his work un-Japanese. "This person thought that black was a 'Japanese' color," he fumed. "But black is not traditionally Japanese. Look at kimonos and obis. Japanese have always loved a riot of radiant colors."

He should know, he grew up in Japan in an old feudal castle town called Tsu, where his maternal family had operated a kimono store for generations. "My childhood memories are all about kimonos," Konishi recalls. "A trip for me meant accompanying my mother on her buying trip, to Kyoto to select gorgeous obis, or to a trade show to look at hundreds of kimono fabrics."

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