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L.G.B. Raccoon Mohawk Beanie

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100% Raccoon fur

L.G.B. (Le Grand Bleu) stands as a revered Japanese cult label, crafted by the visionary Nobuhiko Satoh. With a primary focus on denim, LGB creates meticulously handmade garments from Tokyo's finest materials. The brand shares the gypsy rockstar aesthetic, a signature of its lead designer, Nobuhiko Satoh, much like its sister brand If Six Was Nine. Nobuhiko's expertise lies in blending style metamorphosis, cut deformation, and original ideas, resulting in exclusive luxury pieces that perfectly suit the rebellious spirit.

Private Appointments & trades available in house located in Los Angeles, CA

Please be aware that majority of all garments are vintage or second-hand and have been previously worn. Each item may show varying degrees of wear and tear. Returns or exchanges are not accepted at this time. All sales are final. We are not responsible for any garments once they are shipped out.