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Hyoma Biker Tee

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Chest : 19

Shoulders : 18

Length : 27


20471120 Was a brand created by Masahiro Nakagawa & Szechuan Lica in 1992, a brand most recognizable for it's futuristic aesthetic & inspiration. As a child Masahiro was very fond of Ultraman, things such as clothes, toys, and accessories is noted to creating his futuristic artistry. He was inspired by old designers such as Gaultier & Westwood, and hung around the likes of Takao of Beauty:Beast and Christopher Nemeth who were also popular designers in the harajuku scene at the time. The brands name stems from a dream he had where he gathered people to celebrate life and memories made on the date November 20th, 2047. Masahiro said in an interview “I thought that there will be a world where diversity and individualism are advancing as fast as computers and mobile progress. I thought that individualism and expression would have become the mainstream of fashion. And when I thought of the brand name, I felt that the numbers of that year represented a future of diversity, individuality, and creativity.” The popular character/mascot Hyoma was born sometime in 1986/1987 in school as graffiti art/ drawings.

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