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Beauty:Beast 00’s Blessed Wizard Hoodie

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Chest : 19.75

Shoulders : 18

Length : 25

Sleeve Length : 25.50

tagged M

The Japanese fashion label, founded in 1990 by designer Takao Yamashita, hails from Nagasaki-city, Kyushu. Debuting its first collection in 1991 amidst the burgeoning urban culture of Harajuku, the label swiftly ascended to stardom. Revered as a cult brand in Japan, Yamashita, like his contemporaries, draws inspiration from American punk culture. Yet, distinct from the "carefree" styles of Takahashi's Undercover and Miyashita's Number Nine, Yamashita delves into diverse themes such as religion, fairytales, and iconography. In an interview, he referenced Christian influences on his brand, citing Nagasaki-city's history of Christian persecution and his fascination with religious metaphors across various faiths. His designs, spanning t-shirts, blouses, parkas, and accessories, exude an air of peculiarity and curiosity, epitomized by pieces like the oversized safety pin from the AW 98-99 collection. Rooted in bondage aesthetics influenced by Westwood and McLaren's SEX/SEDITIONARIES Shop, Yamashita has also collaborated with renowned Japanese punk brands like Undercover and 20471120, contributing to the iconic fashion landscape of the 90s and 2000s in Japan.

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