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Beauty:Beast AD98 Lady Armanoid Cobra Space Adventure Tee

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Chest : 19.25 Inches 

Shoulders : 16.25 Inches

Length : 24.25 Inches

From the 1992 Film Cobra Space Adventures & The 1978 Manga Cobra.

As Cobra's long-time partner in adventure, Lady represents the serious half of the duo. She and Cobra share an unspoken but deep trust, and each always comes through to the other's aid in times of need. Lady is a top-class Armaroid, a mechanical being whose manufacture was based on advanced technology recovered from the ancient lost civilization of Mars. She possesses superhuman strength but does not carry a weapon and is rarely involved in direct physical combat. When Cobra is off on adventure, Lady typically supports him as the pilot of their spaceship Tortuga

Two bounty hunters are on the run from the Mafia Guild, an organization that wants them dead.

Th Japanese fashion label began in 1990 by the designer Takao Yamashita who was born in Nagasaki-city, Kyushu. The first collection was presented in 1991 along with the rise of the urban culture in the famous district of Harajuku, which catapulted it to it’s stardom. It is currently considered as a cult brand amongst Japan, Like his peers, Yamashita is inspired by the punk culture of America. However, it moves away from the “careless” style of Takahashi’s Undercover & Miyashita’s Number Nine; and approaches other topics such as religion, fairytales and iconography. Yamashita spoke on Christian influences on his brand stating in an interview “ Nagasaki- city has a rich historical culture which came from Christian persecution back in the day. There was a group of people who used an upside-down cross to suppress secret Christians. “ When asked about the Bible references such as ezekiel 25:17 Yamashita said “ It might be related to my childhood in Nagasaki, but I don’t belong to any religious group. What I am interested in is the approach of a metaphor applying to many religions not just one religion itself. Religions have rich stories which have the absolute symbol of god. They have difficulties and happiness through their histories and many customs and styles which let people believe, love and sympathize with that religion for many many years. Those metaphors make the world expand with bible and scripture.” He designs t-shirts, blouses, parkas and accessories that would be considered odd/curious, an example, a giant safety pin from AW 98-99. His bondage influence is said to come from Westwoods & Mclarens SEX/SEDITIONARIES Shop and has collaborated with Japanese punkesk brands such as Undercover & 20471120, which are part of the 90’s & 2000’s Japanese wardrobe.

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